Liebster Award

Much to my surprise I checked my blog recently and saw that I was awarded the LIEBSTER AWARD! Kate, of Katie-Kate’s Kitchen awarded me with the Liebster for my 52-week challenge of traveling around the world in food. While I will fully admit, I have entirely slacked off with this you should be expecting to see me travel to Haiti in food this week. Thank you Kate for this honor!

Once you receive the Liebster there are several requirements for what you must do:

1.  You must thank the blogger who gave you the award, and link back to their post.
2.  You must post the Liebster icon on your Thank You post.
3.  You must present the Liebster to five other blogs, and they must have under 200 followers to be eligible.
4.  Let those awardees know you gave them an award by leaving them a comment on their blog!
I am awarding the Liebster to:
Couscous & Consciousness gets the first of the awards I am to give out! Over at Couscous & Consciousness you can participate in Cookbook Sundays. Cookbook Sundays provide a great opportunity to use those cookbooks on your shelves!
KB & White Snake Home gets my second award this evening! Every week these two post up Simply Delish, allowing other bloggers the opportunity to share things made in their own kitchens! They deserve an award for this great link up!
Made Famous By… gets an award also! I love the food photos throughout this blog. More people need to go look at the lovely food photography!
The Desperate Chefwife gets award number 4. I love how her blog is laid out, making different types of recipes easy to find!
– Last but definitely not least the last award goes to A Baker’s House. Her recipes are easy to follow and she even provides how-tos (like how to cut a mango!)

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