Presto Pasta Nights Roundup

How sad is it that the one week I decide to host PPN I don’t cook a pasta dish? This week has gotten ahead of me. For a little bit of non-pasta-related information, I’m interning this summer in a law office. It’s actually the same office I’ve been working in all year, but this summer is full-time and it’s intense. It’s looking like I might go to trial in a case on the 26th and I’m extremely nervous and have been spending a lot of time prepping for it. Because of that, I just haven’t been cooking as much as I usually do. But I’m disappointed because I was going to make this tomatillo cream sauce pasta and I just never got to it.

I’m glad the rest of you found time for your pasta dishes! They looked great!

Sarah from What Smells So Good? submitted One Day at a Time Lasagnettes with Dark and Rich Sundried Tomato Sauce. These mini lasagnas, or lasgnettes, look delicious. Sarah made the lasagnettes for an easy to warm up dinner, to help keep her family balanced during a rough time. Sarah, I hope things work out for the best with everything and keep up your spirits!

Graziana from Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with Herbs) shared Baked Pasta with Peppers and Cinnamon Basil. When I first saw this recipe I was overcome with intrigue.. What is cinnamon basil?! I wonder if I can find any in my neck of the woods, because Graziana’s description of it sounds delicious.

Katerina from Culinary Flavors shared her Pasta Alfredo with Jack Daniels Chicken this week. Katerina first had this dish when a Fridays opened in Athens, Greece. She decided that delicious as it was, she needed something healthier. Instead of opting out of the dish entirely, Katerina developed her own version of the dish. Jack Daniels chicken sounds delicious! This recipe is getting added to my bookmarks.

Last but not least in our small roundup this week, Joanne from Eats Well With Others shared her Coriander and Nori Pesto Soba with Wok Seared Greens. After returning home from BlogHer Food, Joanne felt the need to detox and eat very green! This Asian inspired dish sounds like the perfect detox with green foods, as well as being full of flavor!

Clearly I am scattered this week, because I forgot to post Ruth from Once Upon a Feast’s submission! Ruth shared her Shrimp & Fiddlehead Pasta with Garlicscape & Pistachio Pesto. Once again, I am intrigued by the ingredients in this dish. Fiddlehead must be something I should try! The combination of the shrimp and the pesto looks absolutely delicious as well.

Thanks everyone for sharing this week. I wish I had participated myself, but we all know how life works sometimes. The next Presto Pasta Nights announcement is already up! Check it out at Bricole!

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