Funfetti Cake Batter Milkshake

This month the movie choice at Food ‘n Flix was called Because I Said So hosted by girlichef. This movie is about an over-bearing mother (played by Diane Keaton) who tries to hook her daughter (Mandy Moore) up with the ‘right’ man. Of course, this leads to a ton of ridiculous drama only best found in chick flicks. Don’t get me wrong – I love this type of drama and humor.

Milly, the daughter played by Mandy Moore, and her mother, Daphne run a catering company where they make amazing cakes. I mean, they make everything, but they make some extraordinary cakes.

I told you they made some crazy cakes.

And I could have made a crazy cake too, but I don’t really have any occasion. Instead, I made a milkshake. The milkshake was inspired by the cakes and was also inspired by something one of Milly’s suitors said to her (and this one wasn’t chosen by her mom): I love that when I breathe you in you smell like cake batter. And I love that you have this insane way of talking in circles that makes perfect sense. 

This milkshake was easy to make (and would have been easier if I didn’t have to use my food processor to do it because I broke my blender.)

Any cake mix and ice cream flavors could be substituted. I’m sure any combination would be great. The Funfetti was a great choice and the sprinkles on the rim just added all the more fun to the drink. And it tasted just like cake batter!

Funfetti Cake Batter Milkshake

1/2 box Funfetti cake mix
about 3 cups vanilla ice cream
about 3 cups of milk
1 tbsp light corn syrup
1/4 cup rainbow sprinkles


1. In a blender combine the cake mix, ice cream, and milk. Add ice cream or milk to reach the milkshake consistency you prefer.

2. Take a pastry brush and lightly brush the corn syrup on the rim of your cups.

3. Pour the sprinkles in a shallow dish. Put the rims of your cups into the sprinkles.

4. Pour the milkshake into your prepared glasses.

* makes 3 milkshakes
* shared with Food ‘n Flix , Crazy Sweet Tuesday, Mealtime Monday, Makin You Crave Monday, & Mix It Up Mondays

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