A Note From The Owner: Proposition 37

On California ballots this November we will be voting on Proposition 37, an initiative that would make food companies that use GMOs in their food to include labeling that would inform consumers who want to know that the food is not in fact ‘natural’ but was made using GMOs.

I’m really not all that concerned about eating processed food or genetically modified food. I feel like I’ve been eating it for the most of my life anyway – so whatever. But at the same time, I think it’s important to know what’s going into your mouth and fueling your body. I think it is the responsibility of food companies to allow us this knowledge, so people can make decisions about what they’re eating without being misled. And I find it disturbing that they want to continue being sneaky and dishonest with their labeling.

Starting this week I have decided to not purchase products sold by any of the companies that have paid to oppose the Proposition 37 campaign. I don’t feel comfortable knowing my grocery money is going to oppose a proposition that I think is important to Californians, and everyone.

If these companies want to continue using GMOs in their foods, I really don’t care. But if they want to continue to use GMOs they need to be honest about it and allow people to easily look at a package and know one way or the other.

For a list of major food companies against GMO labeling you can look here.

All I can say is grocery shopping was pretty hard today.

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