Pantry Party December Round Up


This month I introduced Pantry Party and I’m hoping it has success. All you need to do is cook something based on the theme of the challenge using some ingredients found in your pantry. To kick things off this month and get the concept introduced, the theme was anything goes. I wanted to see what cooking out of your pantry means to you with this theme. And boy! There was a vast array of dishes submitted this month. I hope the participation continues from all of you and that more people join in as well!

The next theme will be posted on the 1st of January, the 1st day of 2013! How exciting!

Now onto the recipes shared this month!



Janet at The Taste Space shared a hearty looking bowl of Red Lentil Dal with Zucchini. This thick soup is perfect for the cold months and looks like it’s full of flavors. Janet obviously grabbed some lentils out of her pantry to make this dish!


Linda at Recipes and Ramblings with Tumbleweed Contessa shared some beautiful Pink Peppermint Christmas Chip Cookies. Now, let me fill you in on these cookies. Linda sent me the recipe for these cookies for a virtual cookie swap we both participated in. My version of the cookies are here. These pink peppermint cookies are perfect for the holiday season! For this challenge Linda found her baking supplies in her pantry!


Christian at Cooking Around The World shared Moussaka with us. Christian has a very cool blog, where he has gone around the world in food. I attempted a similar project and didn’t make it very far. But Christian clearly persevered much longer than I did with such challenge. This moussaka dish, made with eggplant, feta, and other ingredients focuses mainly on fresh ingredients. But this dish also calls for Greek noodles and tinned tomatoes – things found in the pantry! Just because you rely on your pantry doesn’t mean your food can’t be fresh and delicious also!



My contribution this month was a chicken recipe, Bridgeport Saltine Crusted Chicken. I had originally intended to make a Ritz crusted chicken, but because of my busy schedule I was unable to get to the store and buy the crackers, so I made the crust for the chicken with saltine crackers and Bridgeport seasoning – hiding in my pantry.

saus shells a


Michelle over at Ms. enPlace made Stuffed Shells. The combination of flavors in this sounds great: Italian sausage, poblano, leek, garlic, cheese . . . I need to make this too! Michelle wrote that she always has partial boxes of pasta shells in her pantry. I’m glad she had the opportunity to use that partial box on these!

chorizo pasta (500x387)

Cornia from Searching For Spice contributed with a recipe for Tomato and Chorizo Pasta. Corina always has pasta, onions, and tinned tomatoes  in the cupboard which provided a great base for this recipe. The addition of the chorizo to the sauce sounds so good to me right now.


Last, but definitely not least, Simona of Bricole shared Risotto al Gorgonzola. Simona gives a description on what risotto is (besides delicious) as well as some information about herself and her own introduction to this beautiful dish. My favorite part of her blog post though was the audio recordings of her saying the Italian words.

I love that so many distinct and beautiful dishes came with the contents of our cabinets.
Next month there will be a theme, so be on the lookout! Like I said, it will be announced on the 1st and I am very excited. Thanks everyone for participating and I hope to see you again next month!






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  1. It looks like we have everything from pasta to dessert: we can have a nice party! Thank you so much Elizabeth, for the lovely roundup. Wishing you and everybody else at the party the best for the New Year. See everybody next month 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you had a good turn out!! The last days of the month got a little messy here…I didn’t get any posts done in time. Next month…I’m actually ahead of the game… Homemade soup from our pantry was actually our first meal of the new year. *Ü* See you for January!

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