Pantry Party February Round Up


This month at Pantry Party we shared our noodle recipes which utilized not only noodles, but also at least ingredient found in our pantries. There are so many ways you can eat noodles – and in fact, there’s a ton of ways you can interpret ‘noodles,’ as you’ll see from some of our entries! This month’s Pantry Party brought out some hearty looking noodle dishes.

The next theme will be posted March 1st, so be looking!

20121022-194338Our first dish this month came from Jeni at I Got This Martha. For Italian night at Jeni’s she had a fabulous dish of sausage, mozzarella, basil, and a homemade tomato sauce baked with penne pasta. I love pasta bakes and this combination does seem fabulous!

DSC_9483Janet from The Taste Space showed that “noodles” can be defined loosely – that noodles don’t need to be pasta. Janet shared Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Chickpeas. When I had made the theme ‘noodles’ I hadn’t even considered spaghetti squash – but of course, the insides of it do in fact create noodles! I love the creativity of this dish.

6a00d835508b1869e2017d410f3b4b970cSpeaking of creativity, Simona from Briciole made her noodles from scratch. I’ve always wanted to do this, but I’m so intimidated. Not only do her gnocchetti alla farina di castagne look delicious, they also look adorable!

dancingMelissa shared her Crock Pot Lasagna Soup. Unfortunately Melissa’s website seems to be down for the time being, but hopefully it reappears so we can snatch this recipe!

picanteMelissa also shared her Chicken Picatta. I love chicken picatta generally, I’m sure her’s tasted wonderfully.

ribs n red gravy 8Michelle from Ms. enPlace made a delicious dish: Spare Ribs in Smoky Tomato Gravy. I love ribs and I love pasta, so this combination seems to be the epitome of that. Michelle made good use of her pantry with this dish, using the pasta, onions, garlic, tomato paste, Ro-tel, and the spices in the dish. Perfect use of the pantry!

sobaEggplant2Shelby from Diabetic Foodie shared Soba Noodles with Roasted Eggplant. This dish is served at either room temperature of from the fridge. I love Asian dishes and I love noodle dishes – this looks great!

Macadamia Nut PestoMy noodle dish this month involved pesto. In the last few days I’ve been on a pesto kick, so this Macadamia Tomato Pesto Pasta fit right into this obsession. I had some macadamia nuts in my pantry that were begging to be used this month. This was a great way to use them.

mac n cheese pizzaThe last noodle dish this month comes from Kim of Mo’Betta. This is one of the many creative takes on noodles that came about this month. Kim’s Macaroni n’ Cheese Pizza was inspired by a sample that her daughter tried at Fresh Market. Kim made it at home and I’m sure it was even better than the pizza in the store!

I love all the creativity this month with this noodle theme! Next month’s theme will be announced on March 1st. Thanks for participating and hope to see you again next month!






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