Pantry Party March Round Up


For March Pantry Party made the request to share breaded dishes. There weren’t as many participants as usual this month, but there was still a wide variety of dishes shared utilizing those trusty pantries. This theme was really broad – breaded essentially could cover a ton of things. So what did the participants this month bread?

The next theme will be posted April 1st, so be looking for it! I’m excited for it. ūüėČ


Our first dish this month comes from Summaiyah Hyder of From My Perspective: Life Through My Eyes. These Homemade [Baked] Chicken Nuggets remind me a lot of nuggets I used to make in college and has made me want to make them for dinner again. This easy recipe is a great way to show off breaded food.


Let’s not stop there though! There needs to be more in life than just breaded chicken. What about Baked [and crusted] Tilapia? Summaiyah Hyder knows how to bread things, that’s for sure! These fish pieces look delightful.


Chicken is a prime source of breaded meals. This Oven Fried Chicken made by Summaiyah Hyder shows how crispy breaded chicken can be.


Besides baking breaded dishes Summaiyah Hyder shows how easy it is to fry chicken nuggets with her Homemade Chicken Nuggets.


I got nuts here at the Law Student’s Cookbook this month and made¬†two¬†dishes suited for this month’s theme. My first creation was a Cracker Crusted Pork Chop. I had used a garden veggie chip for a fun variation on a breading.


Over at Lovefoodies, a different take on breaded food was approached. This Cantonese Sweet and Sour Chicken shows how breading can be used on different cuisines – everything isn’t always southern fried chicken! I love sweet and sour chicken myself and want to give this one a try.

parsley shallot 2

Michelle over at Ms. enPlace made a yummy sauce that she served over pork. These Pan Fried Pork Chops with Parsley Mustard Sauce look delicious to me. I like the idea of a sauce on a breaded dish so much! With my pesto kick as of late, I’m going to have to give this a shot.


Shannon from Giraffe Days shared two dishes this month. First Shannon shared the Parmesan Sesame Chicken Strips. Shannon made these during a review of¬†Six Sisters’ Stuff¬†cookbook. Despite it not being her favorite cookbook, Shannon made wonders with these breaded pieces of chicken.


Shannon also shared a recipe for Chicken Nuggets¬†from¬†Top 100 Finger Foods: 100 Quick and Easy Meals for a Healthy, Happy Child. For as many nuggets as we got this month, each kind has its own appeal. Shannon’s son seems eager to get this one into his mouth!



My final recipe (and the last recipe of this month’s round up) was Breaded Tomato Pasta. I knew there would be a lot of breaded chicken, so I opted for something incredibly different. The fried tomatoes were delicious paired with this pasta.

I love all the breaded dishes! It’s nice to see the variety even between different types of breaded chicken. Next month’s theme will be announced on April 1st. Thanks for participating and I hope to see you again next month!


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