Food ‘n Flix: Delicatessen Roundup

This month’s Food ‘n Flix movie, Delicatessen, presented a different challenge to us foodie-movie bloggers than the average movie picked for a month of Food ‘n Flix. While typically the movies shows off wide arrays of food, Delicatessen presented food in a different light . . . a cannibalistic light of sorts.

Can I say thank you to all of you for not putting a head on a plate. I would have had to call the police, and that’s not how I would want a month of Food ‘n Flix to end. Instead, the dishes shared this month showed a creativity in the participating bloggers. For the most part, everyone took the task of creating a dish from this movie differently. I think that was my favorite part about this month actually.


First up this month, Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla, shared Braised Ribs à La Delicatessen. Don’t worry though! These ribs are from a pig! *phew* Camilla made these ribs after a flashback of a conversation with her son who was horrified to eat ribs after making the connection that he too had ribs. Despite Camilla’s lack of inspiration after watching the film, I love where she took the recipe and to me, it does seem inspired.


Caroline from Caroline Makes… made a bowl of French Onion Soup. After watching Delicatessen, Caroline was put off from the idea of making meat and instead cooked something she thinks the Troglodistes would have enjoyed – a meal using basic staples and French cuisine. This looks like a hearty soup and I would love a bowl!

Lentils with Rice 2

Next up is Heather from girlichef’s Lentils with Rice. Heather’s inspiration came from Louison’s attempt to pay the cab driver in lentils at the very beginning of the movie. Her lentil recipe looks wonderful!


My inspiration in my bowl of Curried Lentil Squash Stew actually came from the same part of the movie as Heather’s. Louison’s pocketful of lentils clearly made its mark!

duck 070

Evelyne from Cheap Ethnic Eatz took us back to meat with her Duck Prosciutto. Evelyne, not having any of the main protein the movie relies on to cook up, instead opted on a traditional delicatessen meat: duck. This cured meat looks delicious (and actually kind of creepy in the context of Delicatessen.)


The next dish is from Debra at Eliot’s Eats. Debra brought the table this Carrot and Cracked Wheat Salad. Like many, she was inspired by the vegetarian Trogs. This French-inspired bulgar wheat salad seems like something the Troglodistes would have enjoyed for sure!


The last dish comes to us from Deb over at Kahakai Kitchen. A sandwich for the Trogs, this Deli-Style Chickpea Sandwich on Marbled Rye looks wonderful. Deb thought hard about this dish, made for the Trogs and taking the word ‘delicatessen’ into account in determining making this chickpea filled sandwich. Looks great!

Like I said at the beginning, these dishes were very inspired. We had full-blown meat dishes, we had vegetarian dishes, there were French inspired dishes . . . There’s a little bit for everyone here! For such an off-the-wall movie, it did inspire some great dishes out of us bloggers this month.


The upcoming movie for June is very different than this month’s movie, a documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi which will be hosted by Camilla! Join us in June for some sushi! Check out the announcement post for June’s movie here.

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