Pantry Party June Round Up


If studying for the bar has taken anything from me, the list would include: energy, motivation, self-esteem, and time. There’s probably more. But this lack of time makes it hard to post on here (…or cook), but I do actually have a recipe I’ll be putting up hopefully later today. But my lack of time also made it harder for me this month to get the news on Pantry Party’s theme out. We don’t have a ton of entries, but we do have some great looking recipes anyway.

This month, Pantry Party went cheesy. Bloggers around the blogosphere were challenged to make a dish using items from their pantry that included cheese. Vegans were not excluded though, despite the clearly dairy theme. Vegan cheese was encouraged and accepted as well!

The next theme will be up in a few days, on July 1st. Hope you join us!


The first dish comes from Camilla at Culinary Adventures with Camilla. This Caramelized Red Onion-Potato-Mozzarella Galette looks like a great use of cheese! I’ve never actually had a galette, but I think I’m going to have to try my hand at one now.


Camilla shared another dish as well, much different than the above galette. This Rhubarb Salad with Salt-Crusted Beets, Feta, and Spring Greens, uses cheese in a healthier way: a salad! With all this cheese, it’s good we have some greens in here!


I made two dishes this month, the first being Sriacha Mac and Cheese. I love making mac and cheese from scratch with different flavor combinations. This spicy cheesy dish was perfect. And it was easier than most other mac and cheeses I’ve made from scratch.


I’m also sharing my Baked Reuben Sandwich, which might look strange, but I ate way more of it than necessary. The slices of swiss in it were all melty and wonderful.


Janet from The Taste Space made me so happy that I included vegan cheese in my description for the theme, because if I hadn’t this wonderful veggie dish wouldn’t be with us right now. This dish, Zucchini “Meatballs” and Tomato-Curry Sauce with Almond Parmesan, is such a fun play on the traditional spaghetti and meatball dish. The cheese that Janet uses is Raw Vegan Parmesan which is made from almonds, yeast flakes, miso, and salt. I’m so fascinated by this! And with the Indian flavors in this fun meatball dish . . . I’m loving it!

red velvet bars 3

Isn’t it cool that cheese doesn’t have to be savory? Michelle from Ms. enPlace took us away from the world of savory cheeses and made Red Velvet Cheesecake Bars. Michelle has a history with red velvet, with her grandpa making it for her for her birthday one year. These bars were introduced to Michelle by a co-worker. Michelle’s love of red velvet made her love this variation! I’m loving it too and I haven’t even tried one.


These next three cheesy dishes come from Lori at Lori’s Culinary Creations. Her first shared dish is her Cheesy Millet Cakes. Lori first learned about millet in a grains class she took. I’m first learning about it from Lori! These look lovely and cheesy, using delicious Monterey jack cheese.



Lori also showed up cheese for breakfast, with this Fondue-Style Cheese & Mushroom Omelet. This looks rather messy to eat, but all that melty cheese in the omelet is looking mighty tempting!



Lori shared the last dish of the month: Moist Cheddar Chicken. In line with one of our previous themes (breaded,) I absolutely love chicken coated with cheese. This looks great and is a nice close to our month!

Cheese was more fun that I even expected this month. We had savory, sweet, breakfast, and vegan!

Now, what will next month bring?

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