Smashed Pea and Mint Bruschetta



I’ve been busy. I’ve been SO busy. But it’s been great. I had my second trial ever last week. I haven’t even passed the bar exam yet, but I’ve had two trials and in this most recent trial I hung the jury, which is awesome.

In food news, I’ve decided I’m not going to buy bread anymore. I feel like it costs so much money and I can easily make it myself. Since making this decision I’ve made several different breads: baguettes, hamburger buns, dinner rolls, and pita. This weekend I’ll be making hamburger buns and baguettes again. It takes over my Sundays, but it takes them over in a wonderfully great way.

I decided to make bruschetta with the baguette I made. The combination of peas and mint was quite springy, which might be out of season for the fall season that is finally cooling down my house, but the fresh combination was still welcome. I served it alongside a simple noodle.

Smashed Pea and Mint Bruschetta

1/2 baguette
10-oz frozen peas, thawed
1 tbsp mint, chopped
2 tbsp olive oil
3/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground black pepper


1.  Slice the baguette into rounds. I got about 9 slices out of my 1/2 baguette. Place the rounds on a baking sheet. Broil until they’re golden brown (about 1 1/2 minutes per side.)

2. Process the peas in a food processor. Process until roughly chopped. Stir in the mint, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

3. Spread the mixture on the rounds.

weekend cooking

* makes about 9 pieces
* I’m sharing this recipe with Weekend Cooking

12 responses

  1. That sounds amazing. And my mint is still doing fine in my garden. I’ll probably bring it in during the next cold snap so I can have mint in hot chocolate this winter.

  2. Oh that does sound delicious — spring or fall. 🙂 I used to bake all our bread (my record was something like 20 months without any store-bought bread or crackers), but over the years I’ve gotten lazy and my town has opened some great bakeries. Maybe you’ll inspire me to going back to 100% home-baked.

  3. I love baking my own bread, and try to do so as much as possible. Mostly I manage to avoid buying it, but sometimes if my planning has been a bit off I just have to go down that track. I’ve never tried making baguette though. Looks good, and the pea and mint spread looks sensational.

  4. I love eating and making homemade bread also although I’ve never done it exclusively. It would certainly be healthier as there is a lot of yucky stuff in store-bought. The mint and pea mixture sounds very springy and fresh. I have mint in my garden yet!

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