Pantry Party October Round Up


It’s been a slow month here for me in terms of updating, but I was happy there were several entries for this month’s Pantry Party. This month I challenged you to make a casserole. Casseroles are the best type of pantry food there is. You throw everything together, stick it in the oven, call it a day! 😉

greek chicken casserole 4The first dish comes to us from Michelle from Ms. enPlace. Michelle shared a yummy looking Greek Chicken Casserole. This dish used a lot of pantry items, including rice, olives, canned artichokes, cream of chicken soup, dried dill, dried oregano, and some pita chips. This was the perfect dish to start this month’s round up!

zucchini_tomato_casserole_sliceThe next dish came from Little Joy Factory. Even Little Joy Factory’s daughters who don’t generally like zucchini liked this casserole. And who can blame them? Using a simple combination of dried spices and cheese, this is sure to leave people asking for seconds.

Vegetable Primavera Casserole 4The next dish is shared by Denise of Soup Spice Everything Nice. Denise was initially stumped by what she should make for this month’s Pantry Party, but decided to try a Vegetable Primavera Casserole. This recipe, relying heavily on the pantry and on items in the freezer, made Denise want to lick her plate. Another great entry into this month’s little round up!

IMG_9294The last casserole up this month is my Cheesy Pecan Chicken Casserole. Topped with potato chips, pecans, and cheese, this chicken filled casserole was very filling. I like that you can use different chips to make the casserole different each time.

Hopefully next month we can have a bash 😉 I loved all the casserole dishes this month though, thanks for entering!

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