Foodie Pen Pals: October


I’ve been busy with work and life and whatnot and as such, I’ve been horribly awful at updating this. So without further ado, here’s a post. Happy Halloween by the way! What are you going to be today? I’m dressing as the Morton Salt Girl, but I can’t wear costumes to work (I work in a courthouse and everyone’s all professional and stuffy heheh) but I will be wearing my yellow dress with a blazer on top. I just can’t really tote the umbrella around because it isn’t raining out.

Anyway, this month I participated in Foodie Pen Pals again and was matched up with Cleda from Illinois. Based on my snippet of information, telling her what I like, she made me a wonderful box of goodies.

If you want to participate in FPP in the future, here’s some info:

  • On the 5th of the month you receive an email pairing you with information about who you’re paired with. You email that person to get information pertaining to allergies and dietary restriction.
  • By the 15th you put together a box of treats and mail them to your partner.
  • On the last day of the month you post a blog post about your box of treatsIMG_9571

I had given Cleda some ideas on what I liked, including breakfasts, pumpkin flavors, and chocolate. She pretty much hit this box out of the ballpark.IMG_9573

These granola bars are already gone. I love having bars like this in my house. My mornings are rather hectic most days, so grabbing something to eat while I’m throwing my clothes on makes my life a lot easier. I’d never heard of this brand before, but I will be seeking them out again in the future.IMG_9574
We had guests this week, so I felt it was a good idea to have some snacks available. I had cheese, crackers, and these brandy pralines. Honestly, I’m not sure if the guests ate them or if Matt and I ate all of them – but either way these babies are gone. They were delicious.

When I said breakfast foods, Cleda followed through! She got e this Hot & Fit Cereal made with oats, quinoa, almonds, flax, and cranberries. I haven’t made myself a bowl of it yet because I keep sleeping too late to actually do breakfast and I’ve been eating the granola bars, but this weekend I’ll make myself a bowl. I’m sure it’s delicious.
With Halloween in mind, I love anything and everything pumpkin. As such, I was given this pumpkin fruit butter! I Haven’t used it yet. Does anyone have an idea on what I should with it that would be interesting?
A bag of coffee is up next! This pumpkin spice coffee smells wonderful. I haven’t opened it yet because I want to finish off the other coffee I’ve been drinking first, but I’m excited for this coffee for the fall!

These Guylian chocolates look divine. I haven’t opened them yet because I know they’ll all be gone in a second, so I need to be sure I open them at the right second. I’m excited though, especially because I love love love hazelnut fillings.


And last, but certainly not least is this chocolate bar that I have not eaten yet. Actually, I had every intention of eating it yesterday with my lunch. And then… I left my lunch at home on the counter. Instead of eating it for desert, I decided to try it today. I’ll edit later today telling you how it was!

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