Food ‘n Flix: Hocus Pocus Roundup


We have successfully completed another month of Food ‘n Flix and I am so happy I was able to share my favorite movie this month. Tomorrow is Halloween, so this movie couldn’t have come at a better month. I hope that this movie inspired some fun treats for the Halloween this year. There was such a fun variety of foods that were shared.

I’m hoping I’ll use this excitement you all shared in your dishes with making myself more active in my food blog.

Next month’s movie is taking us in a different direction. The movie is The Hundred-Foot Journey and will be hosted by Culinary Adventures with Camilla. And if you’re interested, this will be a co-challenge, also pairing with Cook The Books.


The first entry this month comes from Kimberly at Coffee and Casseroles with Broomstick in Amuck Brownies inspired by Sarah Sanderson who jumps. These delicious brownies have chocolate crispy treats and pretzels in them. These definitely are full of amuck! (If amuck means deliciousness.)

witch sucker 4

The next goodie comes from Wendy at A Day in the Life on the Farm. She shared her Chocolate Painted Witch Suckers. Wendy uses the scene where Dani eats a witch sucker, that she got at Allison’s house before the whole witch encounter even began! Wendy used a technique to make these suckers that she used to use with her kids – painting candy molds with colored chocolate. These witches sure are spooky and look delicious!

Melted Witch Candy Bark Bites

Keeping with the witch thing, Amy at Amy’s Cooking Adventures made these deliciously adorable Melted Witch Candy Bark Bites. After quite an ordeal of actually being able to watch the movie, Amy finally got to watch it once it hit network television. Amy got her inspiration from the “Burning Rain of Death” scene, where the Sanderson sisters were convinced they are going to melt – alas, they do not. But if they had, maybe they would have looked this adorable!

Zombie Finger Cookies_027

Getting her inspiration from another character, Heather at All Roads Lead to the Kitchen conjured up these Zombie Finger Cookies. At one point in the movie Billy, the zombie, loses some of his fingers. Poor Billy! Perhaps we have to eat them now! These fingers are perfect for any Halloween treat! The fingernails are freaking me out!


Next up is Camilla at Culinary Adventures with Camilla, sharing Tentacles and a Bewitching Sip. First, you have a sip of Liquore Strega Witches’ Brew, a liquor with a bunch of herbs involved. The sip of brew is paired with some perfectly Halloweeny tentacles flavored with saffron and fennel. This is such a grown up take on the movie!


The next treat comes from Debbie at The Friday Friends.  Debbie delights us with Boogers on a Stick. (hehehe, let me giggle like the 7 year old boy I am sometimes.) These boogers look good enough to eat!


My dish was next! I made Master’s Eggs – really just deviled eggs make for the man in the devil suit that the Sanderson sisters so lovingly call “Master.” These eggs include avocado and sriacha, for a yummy kick!


Now back to the sweets! Sarah at Well Dined shared Candy Corn Jello Shots. Don’t let your kids get a hold of these alcohol infused yummies! Sarah had been wanting to make these and used this movie as a perfect opportunity to do it, because what candy says Halloween like candy corn?


Evelyne at Cheap Ethnic Eatz brought us our next goodie: Peanut Butter Fudge and Ganache Coffins plus Salt Dough Pumpkins. These coffins make a beautiful Halloween treat. And the salt dough pumpkins make a perfect decoration for the photoshoot!


Debra at Eliot’s Eats made two things! We get both Hocus Pocus Pumpkintini and Good Zombie Voodoo Cocktail. The pumpkintini is a nod to Sarah Jessica Parker, combining her Sarah Sanderson role with her Carrie Bradshaw character. But no evening is complete with just one cocktail! The second drink is for Billy the zombie. Both look great. I’ll take one of each.


Next we get Bubbling Cauldron Popcorn & Dead Man’s Toes from Deb at Kahaki Kitchen. This popcorn was inspired by the Sanderson sisters’ bubbling cauldron. To move away from the sweetness we all know surrounds Halloween, Deb filled the cauldron with a savory popcorn. She also included some dead man’s toes, because every witch’s cauldron needs dead man’s toes!

IMG_5057Our last entry this month comes from Caroline at Caroline Makes. Caroline shared these spooky Toffee Apple Cupcakes, all decorated out for Halloween! Caroline made these cupcakes for a bake sale. They are perfect for Halloween!


And that ends this month’s Food ‘n Flix. I’m impressed with the amount of participation and with all the creativity in this group! Nice work everyone! And I’m excited to see where next month brings you – will you make Indian, French, or something else?

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  1. What a great round-up with so many scary (and delicious) treats. I think everyone was super creative this round. Thanks for hosting, Elizabeth.

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