Chicken Fried Steak


I am a bad blogger. I have been awful about blogging lately. Nothing seems to encourage me to do it. But, I like doing it, so I will keep trying.

This meal was made for Inheritance Recipes. The idea of Inheritance Recipes hosted by Pebble Soup and Coffee and Vanilla Blog is to make and share recipes that have been inherited through either family, friends, or ancestry.


This past weekend I was at my boyfriend’s house. He was getting home late from work, so I decided to surprise him with a dinner that makes me happy: chicken fried steak.

There are two meals that my mom makes when I come home, either chicken parmesan or chicken fried steak. These are the two recipes that remind me of home and that my mom knows I loved more than anything as a child. Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes is so filling, so fatty, and so delicious. The boyfriend was super happy with the meal and I was reminded of more innocent and easier days.

I served the chicken fried steak with the obligatory mashed potatoes and some delicious green beans with pistachios.

Chicken Fried Steak


– 3/4 cup milk
– 1 egg
– 1 cup all-purpose flour
– 1 tsp salt
– 1 tsp ground black pepper
– 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
– 1/2 tsp garlic powder
– 1 lb cube steak (4 steaks)
– 1/4 cup vegetable oil
– 1/2 tbsp unsalted butter

– 1/3 cup all-purpose flour
– 4 cups milk
– 1/2 tsp salt
– 1/2 tsp ground black pepper (or more to taste)


  1. For the steak, take two shallow bowls. In one, combine the milk and the egg. In the other, combine the flour, salt, pepper, and remaining spices.
  2. Season the cube steaks with salt and pepper. Working one piece of meat at a time, first coat in the flour mixture. Then dip the meat in the egg mixture. Then coat in the flour mixture again. Set aside on a clean plate and repeat with the remaining steaks.
  3. In a cast iron skillet, heat the vegetable oil and butter. Once hot, add the steaks. Cook 3 minutes per side or until golden brown. Set the steaks aside on a plate covered with a paper towel.
  4. For the gravy, heat the leftover grease in the skillet. Sprinkle the flour over the grease and cook to create a golden-brown paste.
  5. Slowly pour in the milk, whisking constantly. Cook until the gravy is thick, 5-10 minutes. Add salt and pepper and whisk together. Add as much pepper as you like! I like it peppery.
  • serves 4

2 responses

  1. Oh, this is something my husband would definitely enjoy. He was actually asking for fried chicken today 🙂 Thank you so much for making it especially for our #InheritanceRecipes link-up!!

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