Cookbook Review: The China Study Quick & Easy Cookbook by Del Sroufe


PROS: The meals in the book are healthy.

CONS: Be forewarned, this cookbook has nothing to do with Chinese food – who’d have thought! Though you think I would have been tipped off by the falafels and tacos on the cover, but alas, I received this book for free to review and had not paid a whole of attention to the cover until it was time to cook.

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Cookbook Review: Indian Cooking Unfolded by Raghavan Iyer


Indian Cooking Unfolded: A Master Class in Indian Cooking, with 100 Easy Recipes Using 10 Ingredients or Less

PROS: The book is written to give easy directions to teach not only recipes, but also techniques that can be carried over to all types of cooking. The flavors are daring, but easily accessible at the same time.

CONS: If you want to make truly authentic Indian recipes, this might not be the book for you. This book has Indian flavors and Indian dishes, but it is not a cookbook to teach you to cook as if you would in an Indian kitchen.

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Cookbook Review: The Garlic Lovers’ Cookbook New Edition compiled by The Gilroy Garlic Festival Association


PROS: The recipes are compiled from locals in the Gilroy area which is sweet and a good shout out to Gilroy, home of garlic.

CONS: I didn’t find any of the recipes I made particularly garlicky. Some of the recipes were boring, nothing was cohesive, and frankly, I don’t believe using one clove in a recipe makes a recipe belong in a garlic lovers’ cookbook. I love garlic and wanted that tang.

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Cookbook Review: Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking


PROS: All of the recipes I tried from the book were packed with flavor. Also, I don’t know if I was just lucky or if this is true of all the recipes, but nothing was incredibly hard to make. The book is clear and the recipes are easy to follow.

CONS: Gordon Ramsay has given himself a name in the entertainment world as being a dick – he’s so mean on some of his shows. That’s actually my only con and has nothing to do with the book itself.

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Cookbook Review: Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi


PROS: The cover of the book is representative of how the pictures look throughout the book. I love a cookbook with photos. The dishes were hearty and felt wholesome. The flavors were great. The recipes were easy to follow.

CONS: Make sure you look and see how long the recipes take to make. These are not all quick recipes. They do take time. This isn’t truly a con, but a warning.

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