Pantry Party October Round Up


It’s been a slow month here for me in terms of updating, but I was happy there were several entries for this month’s Pantry Party. This month I challenged you to make a casserole. Casseroles are the best type of pantry food there is. You throw everything together, stick it in the oven, call it a day! ūüėČ

greek chicken casserole 4The first dish comes to us from Michelle from Ms. enPlace. Michelle shared a yummy looking Greek Chicken Casserole. This dish used¬†a lot of pantry items, including rice, olives, canned artichokes, cream of chicken soup, dried dill, dried oregano, and some pita chips. This was the perfect dish to start this month’s round up!

zucchini_tomato_casserole_sliceThe next dish came from Little Joy Factory. Even Little Joy Factory’s daughters who don’t generally like zucchini liked this casserole. And who can blame them? Using a simple combination of dried spices and cheese, this is sure to leave people asking for seconds.

Vegetable Primavera Casserole 4The next dish is shared by Denise of Soup Spice Everything Nice. Denise was initially stumped by what she should make for this month’s Pantry Party, but decided to try a Vegetable Primavera Casserole. This recipe, relying heavily on the pantry and on items in the freezer, made Denise want to lick her plate. Another great entry into this month’s little round up!

IMG_9294The last casserole up this month is my Cheesy Pecan Chicken Casserole. Topped with potato chips, pecans, and cheese, this chicken filled casserole was very filling. I like that you can use different chips to make the casserole different each time.

Hopefully next month we can have a bash ūüėČ I loved all the casserole dishes this month though, thanks for entering!

Pantry Party September Round Up


Though our first month back at Pantry Party has been small, we are back nonetheless! This month at Pantry Party we made dishes that used fish in some way. Fish can be made in many different ways. I love the different selections here!


Denise at Soup Spice Everything Nice shares the first recipe for September: Baja Beach Tacos Two Ways. These tacos are Denise’s recreation of tacos from a restaurant, Don Juanz. Denise was successful in her recreation of two different tacos from Don Juanz, the Pacific Rim and the Baja Beach. This taco recreating project appears to be a success! Both Denise’s mom and her sister enjoyed them (and really, how could they not?)

perch spaghetti a

Michelle from Ms. enPlace continues to be a loyal participant at Pantry Party. This month she shares her Perch Spaghetti. Michelle shared insight about the Louisiana wetlands and the problems that the area faces. Litter, dumping, things that should occur at a dump and not at the wetlands. Perch is one of the varieties of fish that come from the wetlands. Michelle made this lovely pasta dish using perch (as well as many other yummy ingredients.)

Fresh Tuna Mozzarella and Basil Pizza-Simple Living and Eating

Diane from Simple Living and Eating shares the next recipe: Fresh Tuna, Mozzarella, and Basil Pizza. Diane made this dish for French Fridays with Dorie. Instead of using fresh tuna, Diane who was on vacation, relied on the canned variety. These little bites look divine and would be a wonderful addition to any meal as an appetizer.



The last recipe is my entry: Fried Tilapia with Lemon Sauce. I brought this with me for lunch to work one day. While not a traditional lunch to actually bring to work, it was so good and I’m so glad I did. Using breadcrumbs, cornstarch, honey, soy sauce, and more, I relied on my pantry heavily for this breaded, sauced-up fish. It was a nice way to come back to hosting the Pantry Party!

Though just a small party this month – Welcome Back! And I hope you join us next month.

Food ‘n Flix: Delicatessen Roundup

This month’s Food ‘n Flix movie, Delicatessen, presented a different challenge to us foodie-movie bloggers than the average movie picked for a month of Food ‘n Flix. While typically the movies shows off wide arrays of food, Delicatessen presented food in a different light . . . a cannibalistic light of sorts.

Can I say thank you to all of you for not putting a head on a plate. I would have had to call the police, and that’s not how I would want a month of Food ‘n Flix to end. Instead, the dishes shared this month showed a creativity in the participating bloggers. For the most part, everyone took the task of creating a dish from this movie differently. I think that was my favorite part about this month actually.


First up this month, Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla, shared Braised Ribs¬†√† La Delicatessen. Don’t worry though! These ribs are from a pig! *phew* Camilla made these ribs after a flashback of a conversation with her son who was horrified to eat ribs after making the connection that he too had ribs. Despite Camilla’s lack of inspiration after watching the film, I love where she took the recipe and to me, it does seem inspired.


Caroline from Caroline Makes… made a bowl of French Onion Soup. After watching Delicatessen, Caroline was put off from the idea of making meat and instead cooked something she thinks the Troglodistes would have enjoyed – a meal using basic staples and French cuisine. This looks like a hearty soup and I would love a bowl!

Lentils with Rice 2

Next up is Heather from girlichef’s Lentils with Rice. Heather’s inspiration came from Louison’s attempt to pay the cab driver in lentils at the very beginning of the movie. Her lentil recipe looks wonderful!


My inspiration in my bowl of Curried Lentil Squash Stew actually came from the same part of the movie as Heather’s. Louison’s pocketful of lentils clearly made its mark!

duck 070

Evelyne from Cheap Ethnic Eatz took us back to meat with her Duck Prosciutto. Evelyne, not having any of the main protein the movie relies on to cook up, instead opted on a traditional delicatessen meat: duck. This cured meat looks delicious (and actually kind of creepy in the context of Delicatessen.)


The next dish is from Debra at Eliot’s Eats. Debra brought the table this Carrot and Cracked Wheat Salad. Like many, she was inspired by the vegetarian Trogs. This French-inspired bulgar wheat salad seems like something the Troglodistes would have enjoyed for sure!


The last dish comes to us from Deb over at Kahakai Kitchen. A sandwich for the Trogs, this Deli-Style Chickpea Sandwich on Marbled Rye looks wonderful. Deb thought hard about this dish, made for the Trogs and taking the word ‘delicatessen’ into account in determining making this chickpea filled sandwich. Looks great!

Like I said at the beginning, these dishes were very inspired. We had full-blown meat dishes, we had vegetarian dishes, there were French inspired dishes . . . There’s a little bit for everyone here! For such an off-the-wall movie, it did inspire some great dishes out of us bloggers this month.


The upcoming movie for June is very different than this month’s movie, a documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi¬†which will be hosted by Camilla! Join us in June for some sushi! Check out the announcement post for June’s movie¬†here.

Pantry Party May Round Up


This month at¬†Pantry Party¬†we shared our stuffed recipes. This theme brought a ton of variation, because not only are there many different types of food that can be stuffed but there are also many different ways you can stuff food – allowing for much diversity among the recipes. These may be my favorite types of themes because I never know what to expect. This month’s Pantry Party brought a delightful variety.¬†

I’m currently in the middle of studying for the California State Bar Exam which is conducted at the end of July/beginning of August. This is a nice little break after my 8-hour day of studying.

The next theme will be posted June 1st, so be looking for it!

crawfish stuffed grilled peppers 3

The first dish comes from Michelle over at Ms. enPlace. Michelle shared these beautifully colored Crawfish Stuffed Grilled Peppers. After catching some crawfish Michelle¬†needed to make them. She shares some information about Louisiana crawfish boils. My family actually has a crawfish boil every year too (despite us living in California.) I’m hoping I can make it this year (and pull myself away from the books for one day) because I’d love some leftover crawfish to make these.

Chris from A Kitchen Hoor shares with us the next dish: Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Mini Meatloaves. I love mini food, so these little mini bundles of meat stuffed with cheese are too cute. The flavors sound great as well. What a great looking dinner.


Next dish up shares the one type of dish that got repeated several times in these stuffed recipes. Lori from Lori’s Culinary Creations shared her Turkey Stuffed Peppers. I love how many different varieties we can get with a stuffed pepper – what a great shell for stuffing. These peppers include barbecue sauce, ketchup, and Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb seasoning (amongst many other delicious ingredients.)


Janet from The Taste Space showed us that other peppers can be stuffed too! Janet’s Besan-Stuffed Red Peppers utilize a different type of pepper to get stuffed. I’ve never heard of besan before. I love Janet’s blog and her recipes because I’m constantly being exposed to new ingredients and great ideas. To get the seeds out without cracking the pepper Janet had to use some skill. She seems super skilled in her kitchen generally, so I’m not surprised she succeeded!

2013-05-18 21.11.42

Moving in a different direction Ruth from Makey-Cakey shares her Date Stuffed Porridge Muffins. Ruth had made porridge muffins before, but in honor of Pantry Party she gave them a good old fashioned stuffing – stuffed with dates! Ruth also used a box of Grape Nuts she’s been scared to eat to include in the batter of the muffins. Great use of the pantry!


On a similar vein of baking, I made Chicken Stuffed Rolls. Working with yeast bread, I made a chicken mixture to fill my rolls. For as much work as yeast breads can sometimes provide (and by work I really just mean time) these rolls were really easy to make.


Danielle of Busy Mom’s Helper shared with us two stuffed recipes. The first is Cheese & Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms. Danielle acknowledges that mushrooms are one of those love or hate type foods. For me, I love mushrooms. I would love to pop one of these bad boys into my mouth in all their bacon and cheesey goodness.


Also from Danielle and for our last recipe of the month, is the Cheesy Pesto Stuffed Chicken. For as delicious as I’m sure this recipe is (because basil is great and pesto is great) this doesn’t look incredibly harm. It looks like a great recipe for a night when you want something that seems fancy but don’t feel like slaving away in the kitchen! Perfect!

Now, I told you – stuffed was a great theme. It left us with 3 pepper recipes, meatloaf, muffins, bread, chicken, crawfish, mushrooms… There was such an incredible amount of diversity in the dishes! So fun! Next month’s theme will be announced on the 1st. Thanks for joining this month and I hope to see you next month!

Pantry Party April Round Up


Though I usually spend more time putting together my round ups, I am in my last bout of final exams ever and will be through the first week of May. I wanted to get the cookie party up before I forget to actually do it, so sorry there isn’t any commentary on each cookie recipe!


Lori of A Bright And Beautiful Life shared these Fully Loaded Oatmeal Cookies.

Molasses Cookies

Kristen of Baby Giveaways Galore shared Molasses Cookies.

sugar cookie 2

Barbara of The Big Giant Food Basket shared The Best Sugar Cookie Ever!!


Cathy from A Peek Into My Paradise shared her Lemonhead Cookies.


Marlys from This and That shares Meyer Lemon Shortbread Cookies.


I shared Sweet and Salty Popcorn Cookies.

A Little Bit Of Everything Cookie

Raven from True Blue Baking shared two cookies this month, the first is the A Little Bit of Everything Cookie.


Raven also shared these Classic Peanut Butter Cookies.

Sorry I couldn’t write more! I need to study and get to bed.

Pantry Party March Round Up


For March Pantry Party made the request to share breaded dishes. There weren’t as many participants as usual this month, but there was still a wide variety of dishes shared utilizing those trusty pantries. This theme was really broad – breaded essentially could cover a ton of things. So what did the participants this month bread?

The next theme will be posted April 1st, so be looking for it! I’m excited for it. ūüėČ


Our first dish this month comes from Summaiyah Hyder of From My Perspective: Life Through My Eyes. These Homemade [Baked] Chicken Nuggets remind me a lot of nuggets I used to make in college and has made me want to make them for dinner again. This easy recipe is a great way to show off breaded food.


Let’s not stop there though! There needs to be more in life than just breaded chicken. What about Baked [and crusted] Tilapia? Summaiyah Hyder knows how to bread things, that’s for sure! These fish pieces look delightful.


Chicken is a prime source of breaded meals. This Oven Fried Chicken made by Summaiyah Hyder shows how crispy breaded chicken can be.


Besides baking breaded dishes Summaiyah Hyder shows how easy it is to fry chicken nuggets with her Homemade Chicken Nuggets.


I got nuts here at the Law Student’s Cookbook this month and made¬†two¬†dishes suited for this month’s theme. My first creation was a Cracker Crusted Pork Chop. I had used a garden veggie chip for a fun variation on a breading.


Over at Lovefoodies, a different take on breaded food was approached. This Cantonese Sweet and Sour Chicken shows how breading can be used on different cuisines – everything isn’t always southern fried chicken! I love sweet and sour chicken myself and want to give this one a try.

parsley shallot 2

Michelle over at Ms. enPlace made a yummy sauce that she served over pork. These Pan Fried Pork Chops with Parsley Mustard Sauce look delicious to me. I like the idea of a sauce on a breaded dish so much! With my pesto kick as of late, I’m going to have to give this a shot.


Shannon from Giraffe Days shared two dishes this month. First Shannon shared the Parmesan Sesame Chicken Strips. Shannon made these during a review of¬†Six Sisters’ Stuff¬†cookbook. Despite it not being her favorite cookbook, Shannon made wonders with these breaded pieces of chicken.


Shannon also shared a recipe for Chicken Nuggets¬†from¬†Top 100 Finger Foods: 100 Quick and Easy Meals for a Healthy, Happy Child. For as many nuggets as we got this month, each kind has its own appeal. Shannon’s son seems eager to get this one into his mouth!



My final recipe (and the last recipe of this month’s round up) was Breaded Tomato Pasta. I knew there would be a lot of breaded chicken, so I opted for something incredibly different. The fried tomatoes were delicious paired with this pasta.

I love all the breaded dishes! It’s nice to see the variety even between different types of breaded chicken. Next month’s theme will be announced on April 1st. Thanks for participating and I hope to see you again next month!


Pantry Party February Round Up


This month at Pantry Party we shared our noodle recipes which utilized not only noodles, but also at least ingredient found in our pantries. There are so many ways you can eat noodles – and in fact, there’s a ton of ways you can interpret ‘noodles,’ as you’ll see from some of our entries! This month’s Pantry Party brought out some hearty looking noodle dishes.

The next theme will be posted March 1st, so be looking!

20121022-194338Our first dish this month came from Jeni at I Got This Martha. For Italian night at Jeni’s she had a fabulous dish of sausage, mozzarella, basil, and a homemade tomato sauce baked with penne pasta. I love pasta bakes and this combination does seem fabulous!

DSC_9483Janet from The Taste Space showed that “noodles” can be defined loosely – that noodles don’t need to be pasta. Janet shared Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Chickpeas. When I had made the theme ‘noodles’ I hadn’t even considered spaghetti squash – but of course, the insides of it do in fact create noodles! I love the creativity of this dish.

6a00d835508b1869e2017d410f3b4b970cSpeaking of creativity, Simona from Briciole made her noodles from scratch. I’ve always wanted to do this, but I’m so intimidated. Not only do her¬†gnocchetti alla farina di castagne look delicious, they also look adorable!

dancingMelissa shared her Crock Pot Lasagna Soup. Unfortunately Melissa’s website seems to be down for the time being, but hopefully it reappears so we can snatch this recipe!

picanteMelissa also shared her Chicken Picatta. I love chicken picatta generally, I’m sure her’s tasted wonderfully.

ribs n red gravy 8Michelle from Ms. enPlace made a delicious dish: Spare Ribs in Smoky Tomato Gravy. I love ribs and I love pasta, so this combination seems to be the epitome of that. Michelle made good use of her pantry with this dish, using the pasta, onions, garlic, tomato paste, Ro-tel, and the spices in the dish. Perfect use of the pantry!

sobaEggplant2Shelby from Diabetic Foodie shared Soba Noodles with Roasted Eggplant. This dish is served at either room temperature of from the fridge. I love Asian dishes and I love noodle dishes – this looks great!

Macadamia Nut PestoMy noodle dish this month involved pesto. In the last few days I’ve been on a pesto kick, so this Macadamia Tomato Pesto Pasta fit right into this obsession. I had some macadamia nuts in my pantry that were begging to be used this month. This was a great way to use them.

mac n cheese pizzaThe last noodle dish this month comes from Kim of Mo’Betta. This is one of the many creative takes on noodles that came about this month. Kim’s Macaroni n’ Cheese Pizza was inspired by a sample that her daughter tried at Fresh Market. Kim made it at home and I’m sure it was even better than the pizza in the store!

I love all the creativity this month with this noodle theme! Next month’s theme will be announced on March 1st. Thanks for participating and hope to see you again next month!






Pantry Party January Round Up


This month at Pantry Party¬†we shared soup recipes. Soups come in a vast array of variety. Vegetables, noodles, lentils.. The list could go on and on. This month’s Pantry Party brought out some great looking soups. It’s been pretty cold here lately, but the pictures of these soups warms me right up.

The next theme will be posted February 1st, so keep your eyes peeled!

lentil coriander soup (500x351)

Corina at Searching For Spice shared her Green Lentil and Coriander Soup. The vegetables add a nice pop of color to this lentil soup.

caul onion soup 2

Michelle from Ms. enPlace shared with us her French Onion Roasted Cauliflower Soup, aka Freebie Soup, aka Fart Soup (named lovingly by her son.) This soup meets the challenge so well. Besides Michelle using ingredients on hand in her pantry, she made do with what she had in the house to make this soup for everything! Sometimes those are the best dishes.


I made a weird dish this month: Green Tea Soup. This Asian-inspired fish and rice soup utilizes green tea as the broth. The soy sauce in with the tea broth added a nice salty, green tea flavor. It was definitely different than any other soup recipe I’ve made.


The next dish is from Shelby from Diabetic Foodie. Shelby’s soup is a Quick Chinese Chicken and Rice Soup. This soup makes use of leftover chicken and leftover rice. Soups can be a great way to use up leftover ingredients!


Next, June from Inspired By… stopped by with a bowl of Crockpot Enchilada Soup. This soup is made up of a lot of ingredients I could find in my pantry. It looks like an easy soup to keep you warm!


Janet from The Taste Space brought a bowl of Lemon-Ginger Split Pea Soup with Toasted Coriander. Janet not only shares this soup, but she also recommends that everyone read Vegan For Life.


Last but not least, Jeni from I Got This Martha shared a bowl (or a tortilla bowl!) of Crock Pot Taco Soup. Jeni shares her love of the crock pot (I have a mutual love) and pours this yummy looking soup into a tortilla bowl.

What a wide variety of soups this month! Next month’s theme will be announced on the 1st of February! Thanks for participating and I hope to see you again next month!

Pantry Party December Round Up


This month I introduced Pantry Party¬†and I’m hoping it has success. All you need to do is cook something based on the theme of the challenge using some ingredients found in your pantry. To kick things off this month and get the concept introduced, the theme was¬†anything goes. I wanted to see what cooking out of your pantry means to you with this theme. And boy! There was a vast array of dishes submitted this month. I hope the participation continues from all of you and that more people join in as well!

The next theme will be posted on the 1st of January, the 1st day of 2013! How exciting!

Now onto the recipes shared this month!



Janet at The Taste Space shared a hearty looking bowl of Red Lentil Dal with Zucchini. This thick soup is perfect for the cold months and looks like it’s full of flavors. Janet obviously grabbed some lentils out of her pantry to make this dish!


Linda at Recipes and Ramblings with Tumbleweed Contessa shared some beautiful Pink Peppermint Christmas Chip Cookies. Now, let me fill you in on these cookies. Linda sent me the recipe for these cookies for a virtual cookie swap we both participated in. My version of the cookies are here. These pink peppermint cookies are perfect for the holiday season! For this challenge Linda found her baking supplies in her pantry!


Christian at Cooking Around The World shared Moussaka with us. Christian has a very cool blog, where he has gone around the world in food. I attempted a similar project and didn’t make it very far. But Christian clearly¬†persevered¬†much longer than I did with such challenge. This moussaka dish, made with eggplant, feta, and other ingredients focuses mainly on fresh ingredients. But this dish also calls for Greek noodles and tinned tomatoes – things found in the pantry! Just because you rely on your pantry doesn’t mean your food can’t be fresh and delicious also!



My contribution this month was a chicken recipe, Bridgeport Saltine Crusted Chicken. I had originally intended to make a Ritz crusted chicken, but because of my busy schedule I was unable to get to the store and buy the crackers, so I made the crust for the chicken with saltine crackers and Bridgeport seasoning – hiding in my pantry.

saus shells a


Michelle over at Ms. enPlace made Stuffed Shells. The combination of flavors in this sounds great: Italian sausage, poblano, leek, garlic, cheese . . . I need to make this too! Michelle wrote that she always has partial boxes of pasta shells in her pantry. I’m glad she had the opportunity to use that partial box on these!

chorizo pasta (500x387)

Cornia from Searching For Spice contributed with a recipe for Tomato and Chorizo Pasta. Corina always has pasta, onions, and tinned tomatoes  in the cupboard which provided a great base for this recipe. The addition of the chorizo to the sauce sounds so good to me right now.


Last, but definitely not least, Simona of Bricole shared Risotto al Gorgonzola. Simona gives a description on what risotto is (besides delicious) as well as some information about herself and her own introduction to this beautiful dish. My favorite part of her blog post though was the audio recordings of her saying the Italian words.

I love that so many distinct and beautiful dishes came with the contents of our cabinets.
Next month there will be a theme, so be on the lookout! Like I said, it will be announced on the 1st and I am very excited. Thanks everyone for participating and I hope to see you again next month!






Food n’ Flix: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Roundup

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is everything perfect for a foodie movie for October – the month of spooks! Rather than watch a traditional foodie movie, I opted for something sort of different this month. While this movie is far from extraordinary and actually leans much farther towards the tacky-end of the scale, it inspired some beautiful dishes this month.

I’m glad no one’s tomatoes attacked them! Looks like we all managed to attack first!

Camilla at Culinary Adventures with Camilla¬†made a special type of ketchup – “Please Pass the (Homemade) Ketchup”! For as humorless as Camilla claims to be, she definitely imparted some humor into this ketchup, based on a scene where disguise expert Sam Smith dresses as a huge tomato and asks, “Can somebody please pass the ketchup?” of the killer tomatoes. This ketchup seems like it would definitely surpass any of the bottled stuff and it doesn’t even look¬†too hard! I may need to try my hand at this killer ketchup.

This month Heather from girlichef shares an alcoholic¬†concoction, Spicy Crystal Head Bloody Mary. ¬†Heather made sure to eliminate the threat of killer tomatoes from her home by mashing them and then mixing it with toxins . . . or you know, vodka. Heather’s post about her drink and the movie made me chuckle. The Crystal Head Vodka is a great choice of vodka for an October movie!

Glennis from Can’t Believe We Ate… did a great job killing her killer tomatoes too. With 35 pounds of killer tomatoes attacking her home, Glennis canned them, making Killer Canned Tomato Halves. I feel like she should send all of us a jar, because clearly she has plenty!

Deb from Kahakai Kitchen made a delicious Bread-Tomato-Garlic Soup. I am dying at the killer tomato in her photo – boy does he look scared! And he should be scared, because his killer abilities are ending and he’s getting made into soup. I really want a bowl of this soup. It looks so hearty and with fall looming (at least it’s still only looming here in Sacramento,) it would be a great way to bring in the season.

Lastly, I made a Killer BLT. This is a little fancier than just a standard bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich Рwith chipotle mayonnaise and avocado added to the mix to make a killer sandwich!

And that’s a wrap! I’m glad such a silly movie inspired such delicious dishes. I’m sure there will never be another killer tomato attack after showing those tomatoes that we mean business! Good job everyone and have a Happy Halloween!

The upcoming movie for November is Julie & Julia which is going to be hosted at La Cocina de Leslie. This is one of my favorite movies, so I hope you join us for another month of food!