Lysol Touch of Foam Antibacterial Hand Soap



I recently received Lysol’s Touch of Foam hand soap in my mail box, sent to me from BzzAgent for purposes of reviewing.

I need to preface this (as I try to do with most of my reviews, so you understand where I’m coming from with my opinions.) I don’t usually pay attention to what brand hand soap I purchase. I buy what’s cheap and what’s on sale. I’m not the type of person to splurge on stuff like this, when there’s cheap options. Because of that, I probably wouldn’t purchase this soap unless it was on sale. The internet shows me that this soap retails at $3.39. Obviously that doesn’t break the bank or anything, but for stuff like hand soap for the bathroom I get the cheapest product there is.

With that being said, I hope I do see this soap on sale in the future because I really liked it. I liked that with each pump the soap came out foamy instead of the gel texture of most hand soaps. The foam is less slippery and left my hands feeling soft and extremely clean after use. The foam makes a nice lather. On top of that, the scent of the soap (Creamy Vanilla Orchid) is really ice. It’s not overwhelming, but I do have a slight floral scent to my clean hands.

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