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It’s funny that Influenster is hosting an interactive brand-challenge featuring The Taste because I recently started watching it and have loved every episode so far. I love cooking competitions on TV. The only thing that I don’t like about them is that I don’t get to taste the food. Maybe one day someone will invent taste-o-vision or something, so you can watch the TV and then lick it or something and get the flavor in your mouth. Or maybe that would suck. But anyway, I watch Top Chef, I watch Masterchef, the only next logical step is I also watch The Taste.

The show works unlike the other cooking challenges I watch. The first two episodes were picking the competitors. There are four judges and team leaders, Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, Brian Malarkey, and Ludo Lefebvre. Prior to watching the show I had no idea who Malarkey or Ludo were. It turns out Malarkey was a competitor on Top Chef season 3.  And it looks like Ludo was on Top Chef Masters. Maybe I vaguely remember that actually. Everyone should know who Nigella and Anthony Bourdain are.

Anyway, each of the judges has four cooks on their team who are going through this contest. Each week there’s a quick challenge where the judges help their team come up with a dish that meets the week’s theme. Then they pick one of those dishes from each team to go to some guest judges to pick the best taste – the maker of the best dish gets immunity.

Each taste is just that, just a taste. It’s a big spoonful of the dish.

For the challenges each cook is on their own to make a dish that fits the theme. The person who won immunity in the earlier challenge gets immunity, but everyone else is on the line. When the judges taste the food, they taste it without knowing what it is or who made it. They then vote for their favorite and least favorite spoonfuls. The contestants with the lowest scores or the most votes, get booted. What this means is that the judges might accidentally kick a player off of their own team.

I’m not sure what happens in the end though. I don’t know what the prize is and I don’t know what the winning judge wins either. Maybe something? I don’t know have a clue.

The competitors are made up of home cooks and professional chefs. The variety of the dishes is amazing. I’m personally rooting for Lauren!

You can watch the most recent episode here.


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