Food ‘n Flix: Lady and the Tramp Roundup


“Aha, okay. Hey, Joe! Butch-a he say he wants-a two spaghetti speciale, heavy on the meats-a ball.”

It’s the end of February, which means it’s time for another Food ‘n Flix roundup! This month we visited an old Disney classic, watching two sweet love birds (or um, love dogs) eat meatballs. What we also learned this month, is that this movie had WAY more food references than just meatballs! Honestly, when I chose this movie for us to watch I was expecting a post full of meatballs. It’s the image we all know when we think of this movie. But this movie inspired so many more dishes! Yes, we did get some delicious looking meatballs, but we also saw some other things that Lady and Tramp would have enjoyed.

If you want to play with all of us Food ‘n Flixers, make sure you go by What’s On The List? within the next few days for the info. But I’ll clue you in. The movie next month is the 1952 movie, The Quiet Man.


Kimberly from Coffee and Casseroles made the first dish this month, Potato Salad with Sauteed Cabbage and Onions. Though Kimberly would have told Lady not to go out with Tramp, the dish she made was based on a scene where Tramp protected Lady from the wild hounds. In this scene barrels of potatoes and cabbage are knocked over. I love where Kimberly went with this! Way to look outside the box!

Star Sweeper Cookies

Our next submission came from Amy at Amy’s Cooking Adventures. Amy shared Star Sweeper Cookies with us as well as with her Angel Wings Wednesday. Amy made these beautiful cookies for the baby shower for Jim Dear and Darling’s newborn son. These cookies are also for Amy’s daughter, Sarah Catherine, her star sweeper. These cookies show just how deeply a movie can pull at our emotions and how we can find peace in even a Disney movie.


The first meatball dish for this movie came from Caroline at Caroline Makes who shared these yummy looking Oven Baked Meatballs. Based on the iconic scene from the movie, Caroline made some meatballs! Though when she was younger she thought Lady and Tramp kissing was icky, I wonder if she got to enjoy the plate of spaghetti with a someone special! 😉


Wendy from A Day In The Life On The Farm made a bowl of Beef Bones Vegetable Soup. Wendy took her inspiration from the bones Tramp would get from Tony – which makes sense because Tramp is a dog and dogs do like bones! This soup looks like it would warm anyone up – including scruffy ol’ Tramp!


We do have more meatballs! Debbie from The Friday Friends joined us this month with Spaghetti and Meatballs using a special ingredient sauce! Debbie got the recipe for this sauce from her friend Laura. The secret of this sauce is the two spoonfuls of sugar in it! Debbie not only paid tribute to Lady and Tramp with this dish, but to her friend Laura also. Taken from one of the recipes in her “Friday Friend Cookbook,” Debbie took the time to tell us all about her dear friend in this post!

chicken beef bone broth

Wendy wasn’t the only one inspired by the idea of bones! Evelyne from Cheap Ethnic Eatz served up Chicken Beef Bone Broth. Inspired by a dog’s favorite meal, Evelyne used bones instead of throwing them out. Bending the rules, she combined beef and chicken bones to make this delicious looking broth. On top of the Disney inspiration, Evelyne read that bone broth can benefit someone with acid reflux. Hopefully this delicious looking broth helped Evelyne’s gut!

American Chop Suey_4191

For really not being a foodie movie, this movie really did inspire a wide array of foods. Heather from girlichef shared Chop Suey. Though a noodle dish, this is not the type of noodle dish many of us initially thought the movie would inspire! Before Darling had her baby, she was having some pregnancy cravings. She sent Jim Dear out at 3 a.m. to get some watermelon. As he’s walking down the stairs with his rainboots on, Darling calls down the stairs for him to pick up some chop suey too. I’m sure this dish would satisfy Darling’s pregnancy cravings!


The next entry takes us back to the iconic spaghetti and meatball scene. Debra from Eliot’s Eats served up a plate of a classic Spaghetti and Meatballs. This classic dish looks exactly like what Lady and Tramp enjoyed and ended up kissing to.

img_9640Me next! I made Wiener Schnitzel. Though this month’s pick was emotionally draining for me due to the loss of my dog, I made a dish that I love (and therefore my dog loved.) Tramp explained to Lady that the Schultzes made him wiener schnitzel once a week. I decided to make this for the well fed Tramp and for my well fed Mozart (who is now running in doggy heaven.)


Taking a different inspiration, Deb from Kahakai Kitchen came up with these lovely Deconstructed Tiramisu. Doubly inspired by the Italian dinner and the need for a lovely, romantic dessert and by Lady’s name and the use of lady fingers in this dish, Deb came up with the perfect dessert for these pups. No chocolate included . . . well, unless you’re not a dog, then you can have some.

Pasta9b-1Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla ends this roundup for us on a super goofy note with  Linguine Alle Noce. Actually, the recipe isn’t silly at all. Instead, Camilla was ambitious and made the linguine from scratch. But look at how invested her boys are in this photoshoot! 😛


And with that, we end another strong month of Food ‘n Flix! Can I say how impressed I am that we got 11 entries! That’s some wonderful participation. Next month we won’t be in the world of Disney anymore. I’ve never seen The Quiet Man, but let’s see what type of inspiration it gives us in our kitchens for March!

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