Eating Around The World


In 2012 I attempted to do an Around The World in 52 Weeks challenge, inspiring myself to cook a dish a week from a different country. In March 2012, a year ago, I failed and admitted defeat.

I am reviving the challenge for myself in 2013. Rather than cook only 52 countries, I am going to try to navigate the globe, hitting every country. This obviously will last longer than a year. 😉
And there will be no particular order of what country I hit next. Below is the map of the countries I have already visited (because I am going to use my previous challenge to help bolster beginning this one) as well as a list of the countries I have cooked from.

The dishes below will be listed alphabetically by country.

Algeria: Fish Stew and Flat Bread
Belgium: Carbonnade Flamande
Guinea: Coupe Coupe and Yucca Fries
India: Eggplant Bharta andPeas
Italy: Cheesy Chicken Parmesan
Jamaica: Jerk Chicken, Vegetable Patties, and Banana Fritters
Japan: Yakisoba
Kenya: Kuku Paka
Kuwait: Chicken Mechbous 
Marshall Islands: Barbecue Limas
Mexico: Braised Short Ribs in Tomatillo Sauce
Montenegro: Sarma
Portugal: Peri Peri Chicken Breast
Suriname: Chicken with Chilaquiles and Salsa Verde
Taiwan: Three Cup Chicken
Republic of Congo: Black-Eyed Pea Fritters

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